A New Year

I climb out of the car, feeling excited about the upcoming year.  I cannot believe that it’s already been a full year since we first stepped foot at WSU-V.  This year we feel less scattered, and already have plans for what we want to accomplish.  We are starting by setting up at a table the first week of school; our goal is to find students who are interested in growing spiritually during college and hopefully connect with them in the next three weeks.

Even though clubs don’t traditionally set up tables in the first week, God allowed us to secure a spot right in a main line of traffic, under the school’s student government tent.  This turned out to be very advantageous as we had over 70 students stop by our table and fill out surveys!  Many of them are not interested in meeting with us, but several students are eager to get plugged in and had no idea that there were any Christian clubs on campus.  We are eager to see what God does at WSU-V this semester!

Some upcoming events you can be praying for:
sept 2-3 // involvement fair: pray that we will connect with a lot of freshmen
sept 5 // raft trip: pray that unbelieving students will attend this adventure
sept 17 // big cru: pray that more students will be able to come and hear the gospel
oct 16-18 // fall retreat: pray that we will have at least 15 students from WSU-V attend
nov 13-14 // crossroads: pray for our upperclassmen students as they pull away
nov 19 // big cru: pray that our number will grow from the previous one
dec 27-jan 1 // cru conference: pray that students will attend and experience God’s people

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