About Cru

Cru is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ in the United States.  Cru was founded in 1951 by Bill and Vonnette Bright.  What started as a ministry to students on the UCLA campus now reaches people in every segment and society in the world.  Cru is a caring commuity passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.  Our objective is for every person in the world to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.  To learn more about Cru, click here. http://www.cru.org/campus/

Bill and Vonnette Bright


Cru has adapted a simple model to reach college students: win, build, and send.  “Win” is just introducing people to Jesus.  We do this through conversations, large outreaches, and social media.  “Build” is simply creating life changing communities.  We want to help students grow in their faith through mentoring relationships, small groups, large retreats, and learning how to share their faith.  And then lastly, “send” is living life on a mission.  We want to see our students sent into church leadership, long-term and short-term mission trips, ministry in the workplace, and full-time mission work.  The idea is that 100% of students involved in our ministry will be equipped, called, and desiring to share the Gospel wherever the Lord calls them.

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