Cru Conference 2013

This year, 434 students flooded the streets of Portland for the annual Cru Conference.  This was a time for students to reconnect with the Lord, and take some serious steps of faith.  Students heard from Tim Muehlhoff (professor at Biola University), Dr. Gerry Breshears (professor of Systematic Theology at Western Seminary), Keith Bubalo (Global Missions Executive Director at Cru), and Taylor Turkington (Southwest Bible Church Student and Women’s Ministries).  Students were encouraged to share their stories online.  Here are several stories of life-change!

“Cru conference 2013-2014 was an unforgettable experience! An awesome spiritual fuel to last a lifetime!”
– Busayo

“Loved praising in the new year with like-minded people. Best experience ever!”
– Hailey

“What an amazing time at cruconf 2013!! I had a blast getting to know some new friends from the other campus’ and reconnecting with friends from last year! God was definitely present the last 5 days, and did some amazing works! I can’t wait to see and hear what He does as we all go back to our schools and continue in ministry and fellowship!”
– Joel

“Exactly what I needed. God met me in Portland!”
– Jason

“What can I say? It was amazing- I loved every minute. God was definitely present! I am still processing all the work He did in my heart/life in such a short time.”
– Kimberly

“I’ve heard many people preach on John 1 and thought I had it all fully understood… until Gerry Breshears began to speak.”
– Jordan

“Cru conference has been amazing.  Yesterday we went to the Rockwood neighborhood.  Which growing up here was something that I was a little nervous about.  At the last door I went to this lady opened her door and we started to tell her who we were and what we were doing.  She asked us what Rockwood was, so we explained it to her and showed her the map.  She got so excited to see what we were doing.  She works as a leader in a youth group in the area and wanted to reach out to the community.  We left her with a map.  Her passion let something in me, to show me that I need to go and share more.  It was awesome.”
– Michelle

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