February 2017

It was strange when I realized that I was not the key part in what is happening with the athletes in Portland. Usually if I go to something then the students go, or if I don’t go then the students also don’t go. Something great is happening with the athletes though. The upperclassmen on the teams actually have more sway then I do. Josh, and Justin are starting to realize this and take advantage of it. They went to a Cru athletes retreat and got some younger football players to come with them. Some of these younger guys are what I would describe as half in and half out of their walk with Christ. This retreat was great for all of the athletes. They heard from the chaplain of an NFL team, the  Cincinnati Bengals. He helped them to see their time in college as a great opportunity to impact their team, friends, and entire campus.

Every athlete came back with three specific teammates that they want to ask three specific spiritual questions too, over the course of three weeks. They called it the 3 for 3 for 3. They came back incredibly encouraged and motivated to walk with Christ through daily bible study, prayer, and stepping out of their comfort zone to reach people for Jesus. 

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