January 2017

He was stuck. His foot was stuck between his wheelchair and the floor. Wenses was the only person in the entire cafeteria of the student union building at PSU, and that never happens. He saw me and asked me to help him. 

Wenses has Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA). It is a neuromuscular disorder, and he will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He is 23 years old. My heart broke for Wenses as I helped him get his foot free. This seemed like such a clear sign from the Lord to me that I needed to share the Gospel with him. I hung out with Wenses that day and we became friends. The next week I shared the Gospel with Wenses and he accepted Christ. I am so amazed at the whole circumstance. The way we met and how ready he was to hear and receive the Gospel. I have been meeting up with Wenses ever since then to help him grow in his faith.

Wenses’ disease will keep him in a wheel chair for his whole life. I am constantly amazed at his outlook on life. He never feels sorry for himself and has a great attitude everyday. God has been teaching me a lot through this young man. Wenses is growing so much, learning to pray and learning how to read his bible. Wenses is also starting to tell his family about the things he is learning.

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